I am one of those people whose right brain fires along at about the same pace as the left brain does. In other words, I am highly creative with a sharp business acumen. It’s not easy being me…

I have started several successful companies over the past few decades and I was never satisfied with either the marketing or marketing content that I hired other professionals to provide. So, I started doing it myself. Eventually (about 2008) I transitioned into making it my full-time business.

Below are a few of the promotional videos that companies hired me to do for them. I’ve done well over 2,000 commercials for just about every kind of company you can imagine (all clothed, and legal, thank you very much. People always ask me that… Ha!).

Give me a call at 480.768.7030. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your business needs.

Past Video Work

Other In-Studio Services: (I do not outsource anything!)

Consulting. Classes. Events. Publishing. Marketing. Media Kits. Printing. Distribution. Podcast. Design. Social. Video. Web. And more… If it has anything to do with media production, chances are this is the place to get it. Call 480.768.7030 anytime!